Esophageal Cancer Injury

A recent British Medical journal-published study suggests a link between Fosamax and esophageal cancer (throat cancer)--up to double the risk.

What is the esophagus?

The esophagus is the hollow tube from your mouth to your stomach through which your food passes.  It is part of the digestive system.  The esophagus consists of four layers: (1) the inner lining, which is moist so that food can pass through it; (2) the submucosa, which contains the mucus glands that keep the inner esophagus lining moist; (3) the muscle layer, which contains the muscles that flex to move food up or down the esophagus when you swallow; and (4) the outer layer, which covers the esophagus and separates it from your other organs.

What is esophageal cancer?

Esophageal cancer begins in cells in the inner layer of the esophagus and may spread to other layers of the esophagus.  Like other cancers, the cancer cells may spread to other parts of the body and other organ systems.  The spread of cancer cells is called metastasis.

If I was on Fosamax and am diagnosed with esophageal cancer, what should I do?

Start with proper medical treatment.  But also contact a Fosamax esophageal cancer attorney for a free consultation to help determine if you have a case.